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Financial difficulties are a fact of life. Many individuals and families are one or two paychecks away from financial distress. The roots of the bankruptcy laws are based in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. We approach these concerns for our clients in a solution-oriented way. Identifying problems, finding solutions and implementing a plan of action are the approach we use with each client and each concern.


Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support

Children deserve the love, time and support of both parents. Children should never be used as pawns in a game of chess between parents or others. While there are times where dangers or special needs that must be addressed for the protection of a child, children must be afforded the opportunity to have meaningful relationships with both parents. These are the linchpins of our society. Whether or not parents were ever married to each other, there are issues with the separation of parents which must be addressed. As a divorced parent with three children, Julie is personally acquainted with many of the issues that confront parents raising children without a partner. Our office’s mission is, while navigating family relationships, to find the right solution for each client and his or her child.


Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

More than 60% of Julie's clients have uncontested litigation matters from beginning to end. For those who need more specialized litigation in the family law area, Julie has practiced extensively in the Courts in both Tennessee and Mississippi.


Each client has unique needs and unique situations. Our goal is first to listen. Second to assist in the healing process. Third, if court involvement is necessary, to assist each client in navigating the mystery of the legal process. From simple to complex, and everything in between, the team in our office is here to assist each client in obtaining the maximum settlement possible with the least amount of time and money spent.


Wills, Living Wills, and Probate Matters

Julie has received specialized training in Elder Law, the issues that confront our aging population, and about the families that care for our most vulnerable citizens. Confronting one’s own death or disability is frightening, but best done when our minds are clear and still able to make those decisions. Listening to the concerns of clients, identifying ways to make clear declarations on how end-of-life issues are to be handled, and writing out clear instructions for our loved ones on how to distribute property after our death are some of the services that our firm offers.

In exceptional cases, our office will interview those in need of legal services for preparation of a will, power of attorney, or so -called "living will" in their homes without the necessity of coming into the office. Please speak with our office staff about those arrangements, if necessary.


One of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients is how to avoid probate court involvement and taxation of our estate. Making sense of this mystery is a great help to most individuals.

If you have a loved one unable to care for himself or manage her finances who is in need of appointment of a court-ordered legal representative, we also handle this services, as well.


Mediation Services - Mississippi and Tennessee

Rule 31 Mediator